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The Most-Liked Cute Square Cake

KAWAII -- the first impression that most people have when they see our cute square cake. Enjoy your celebration party with a square cake as you always do in a wedding party!
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New chocolate cake
Chocolate tastes 30% better! PICTCAKE upgraded our chocolate flavor cake, and it tastes even better! More Details

Shared by few people or serve a big party!
We provide 3 different sizes.

  • Cake mini

    ¥3,800 (+ Tax)

  • Cake single

    ¥4,500 (+ Tax)

  • Cake double

    ¥8,000 (+ Tax)

The photo’s size will change according to cake’s size, so please consider about how many people you want to share! You can also see some cakes shared in parties by searching for #pictcake tag on Instagram. See Instagram
Additional Items

You can order popular party items
together with your cake!

You’ll need plates to share the cake together in a party!
Delivered along with the cake so you don’t need to buy outside.
A little party items can level-up your party, so why not?
Liberty floral-dressed plates popular around ladies are also perfect for PICTCAKE!
The must-have number candles for birthday party and message candles are also available.
No Worries

Your cake is delivered
with carefully packaged

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It’s an important moment in your life, and we take care of the package seriously.



Contains egg, wheat, milk, kiwi, orange, peach, apple, almond and soybean ingredients.

How to consume

PICTCAKE is frozen cake, so please unfreeze the cake in refrigerator about 8~10 hours before serving.

Storage & Expiry

* Keep in freezer immediately upon delivery: about 10 days (see the side seal on the package)
* Unfreeze in refrigerator: Please consume at the same day, under 10℃.
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